Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stuff I've been into for a while but haven't written about

First- I think minimalist shoes are a revolution waiting to happen. I've been wearing Vibram Fivefingers (probably Chinese forgeries, but they work well), and Softstar RunAmocs. I'm pretty sure the arch of my foot has become much stronger and more pronounced since wearing these (about a year), and my posture has improved. I won't even wear conventional shoes any more. Highly recommended. Search "minimalist shoes" on Google to find more- this is a growing trend, and a very positive one, I think.

Next- I'm very interested in the free school movement. The most famous such school is the Sudbury Valley School. I'm less interested in the democratic aspect than in the freedom accorded to students. I am persuaded by Peter Gray's argument that our current paradigm of education is deeply coercive, and unnecessarily so. This especially true in China. The liberation of children, and with it, of the human imagination, will be a huge step toward a more just society.